Friday, October 29, 2010


This is what I did last week;

Monday 20 – 30 mins cardio & back , chest & bis & 6 – 10 mins of abs & stretching
Tuesday 20 – 30 mins cardio interval training & shoulders, tris, calves & stretches
Wednesday Legs (quads, hamstring & gluts) squats – either weighted or leg tabata without weights, 10 mins abs & stretches
Thursday 30 mins interval training, 10 mins abs & stretches.
Friday 30 mins Interval training on the bike (20 sec sprints/20 sec rest etc) abs, calves & stretches.
Saturday Run, bike or cross trainer + any body part I feel needs more work, abs & stretches.
Sunday REST

Through commitment & determination you can achieve your goals! :)

What I usually eat in a day

BREAKFAST: All Bran, natural yogurt with banana, blueberries & flaxmeal sprinkled on top & a protein shake. Or porridge made with light soy milk & cooked with banana through it & flaxmeal sprinkled on top & protein shake.

SNACK: a piece of fruit & nuts.

LUNCH: salmon or tuna, brown rice & salad or a sandwich made with rye or spelt bread, shaved turkey or chicken & salad.

SNACK: rice or corn cakes with hummus & tomato or light cream cheese, smoked salmon & baby spinach leaves.

DINNER: boiled chicken with garlic & herbs or kangaroo & either salad or broccoli & sweet potato.

DESERT: fruit & natural yogurt & a white or green tea before bed.

Week 3

Welcome to my 3rd blog entry about my training!

MONDAY: Tabata (squats, lunges & wide legged squats), calves.
TUESDAY: 30 mins on the bike – 5 mins of warming up -  20 secs hard, 20 secs rest repeated. Then back, bis  + 10 mins of abs
THURSDAY: 20 mins on the cross trainer, bike, shoulders, tris, & abs
SATURDAY: Cardio – 50 mins bike
SUNDAY: Day off
MONDAY:l Leg tabata – squats, wide legged squats & lunges and abs.
TUESDAY: Bicep curls, hammer curls, mill press and upright row tabata, abs.

WEDNESDAY: day off
THURS & FRI: Drove home to Sydney from Brisbane.
SATURDAY: 30 mins cardio - crosstrainer & bike tabata, back dead lifts, tricep pull downs & abs on medicine ball.