Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am constantly asked;
"What keeps you motivated to stay on track with your diet?"
A lot of people think that because I am naturally skinny I don't have to battle cravings & being fit & lean comes easily to me. This is not the case....
Not many people know this about me but I LOVE food, I mean I can eat & eat & never get full & I can easily eat more than a lot of men! Food rules me if I let it! It's like my brain can't tell when I'm full.
For me to stay on track it takes a lot of willpower & dedication. I used to constantly battle between having something unhealthy for the temporary pleasure & having my ultimate body!
Now it is not so hard for me - the longer you eat clean, the easier it is & you actually stop craving bad food!

So what keeps me on track? 

I keep my eyes on my goal at all times, whenever I want something not so healthy I remind myself of what my goal is. I ask myself  "What do I want more, this block of chocolate or abs?"

I also keep photos of the body I want & look at them when I feel like I might go off track to remind myself what I REALLY want.

What do I eat when I get cravings?
I keep healthier snacks at home - roasted almonds, goji berries, rice cakes with almond spread, home made protein balls, berries, sugar free hot chocolate made with stevia & if I want chocolate I'll have sugar free dark chocolate made with stevia. These usually hit the spot for me!

Of course you are allowed a treat every now & then as long as it's not sabotaging your progress! ;)

It's important to really think about the consequences of your actions & whether they will help you achieve your goals or hold you back.
What is more important to you - Temporary satisfaction or your long term goal?

Stop imagining what it would be like to have your dream body & get it for real! :)

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