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I'm very honoured to be featured in my favourite magazine Oxygen this month as a runner up for the Oxygen Cover Girl competition. I am so happy and proud that I made it to the top 5 out of the 150+ entries Oxygen received, especially considering I am only just starting out as a fitness model. Just to be compared to these amazing, strong, fit women is a huge compliment for me. What a great way for me to enter the fitness industry! - Thanks Oxygen!

I'd like to congratulate the winner: Katrina Wilson - 3 x junior power lifting world records, 3rd place 2010 INBA Figure competition.

It just goes to show that hard work & persistence does pay off & you can achieve your dreams if you stay positive & motivated! Don't give up & you'll get there!

Hope you enjoy my Oxygen interview:

Emily Skye
Age: 25
Height: 170cm
My Astrological sign is Capricorn
I grew up on the Central Coast, NSW and I’m owner & operator of Vixen Management, health & fitness adviser, model & photographer.
My qualifications are: Fitness cert 3 & Beauty Therapy cert 3.
I have never competed yet but maybe one day.
For breakfast I ate: All Bran with light soy milk, natural yogurt with banana &
blueberries with organic flaxmeal sprinkled on top & a protein shake.

In my fridge: fresh vegies, soy milk, flaxmeal, blueberries, strawberries, lemons, kangaroo meat & organic free range chicken.
At the gym you will find me either doing interval training on the bike, leg tabata training or in the weights section.
I love training because it makes me feel happy – releases endorphins & gives me energy to live my life to the fullest.
I hate training when I’m really tired – there’s no point training as it’s a waste of time, you’re better off getting a good night’s sleep that night & waiting until you have more energy to do a worthwhile session the next day. Rest is just as important as training!
I'd love to workout with Amber Elizabeth, Michele Levesque, or Jessica Paxson-Putnam. Anyone that loves to train as much as me really!
I never leave home without my waterbottle, Lucas Pawpaw ointment & my iphone.
Favourite music: When I’m training I listen to anything that puts me in a good mood & motivates me to train. Ministry of Sound Running Trax have some great songs to train to!
My best feature: eyes
I would love to meet anyone who has goals to improve their health & fitness  – there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing other people’s goals & helping them to achieve them. If you want it bad enough & take all the steps necessary to achieve them – then you’ll get it!
Favourite cheat food: white chocolate! Full of sugar I know, but if you train & eat healthy the rest of the time there is definitely nothing wrong with treating yourself every now n then!
What advice would you give to women wanting to get into the best shape of their life? Keep a food diary & don’t have unhealthy food at home so you’re not tempted, have a training program so you know exactly what to do in the gym & you’re not feeling lost. Learn as much as you can about different foods & how it affects your body. Surround yourself with positive people with similar goals that help motivate you rather than bring you down. Don’t give it up! It takes time, you might not see any changes yet but keep up with your healthy diet & training & you will definitely see results in no time & you’ll feel amazing! Make health & fitness a part of your life - not just a phase.
What I always tell people is “If it was easy – everyone would be doing it!”. With determination & ensuring you are taking all the steps necessary to succeed – there is no reason why you won’t achieve your goals!
5 things I can't live without:
  1. My family & friends
  2. My water bottle – I take it everywhere!
  3. My iphone
  4. my paw paw ointment
  5. The gym
On my bedside table: My water bottle, paw paw ointment, moisturiser & the current issue of Oxygen Magazine of course!
Best beauty secret: There is no secret – get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, have a healthy balanced diet & get enough exercise! There’s nothing more beautiful than a happy healthy glow!
Who inspires you? Anyone who is living their dreams - it shows that it is possible if you put your mind to it!
Who is your fitness and body role model? Amber Elizabeth. She’s in perfect proportion, has shape, muscle definition & great abs. This is my ideal body! She also seems to be a lovely person with good morals. She has the package! Looking at Amber’s fitness photos motivates me to train harder & push myself to my limits to be the best I can be.
Outside the gym I love spending time with my family & friends. One of my favourite things to do is to get a coffee at the local coffee shop with my partner & read the latest Oxygen Magazine. I love anything outdoors; the beach, surfing, snowboarding, dirt bike riding, skateboarding & hiking. Being outdoors allows me to really appreciate life & the fact that I’m healthy & fit & how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful country.
The question I'm most asked is: what I do to keep fit. So I started a Health & Fitness blog! I love being able to help others by informing them with what I have learnt through my own health & fitness journey.
My biggest pet peeve: When people say they want to get fit & healthy while they’re eating a take away burger & say how lucky I am to be fit & toned. It’s not luck, it’s a matter of knowing what I want, making goals, taking steps to achieving my goals & staying committed!
 I hate it when people make excuses as to why they don’t train. They’re either too tired or don’t have time. There is always at least half an hour a day where you can do some sort of physical exercise.
Future plans to be a fitness model, help others to achieve their goals, compete in sports model competitions, start my own health & fitness business.
I'm preparing for Life! Whatever is to come in the future – I don’t know, but I want to be prepared physically & mentally!
Words of wisdom: Work out what it is exactly that you want, and then work out what steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals & do it! Stay committed & determined. If you fall, get back up. If you have a bad day where you don’t eat right & don’t train, don’t let it get you off track, get straight back to it. Stop making excuses - you don’t get anywhere making excuses!
Surround yourself with positive people with similar goals. Don’t get distracted. Make health & fitness a way of life & of course enjoy your journey!

BREAKFAST: All Bran, natural yogurt with banana, blueberries & flaxmeal sprinkled on top & a protein shake, or quinoa with banana cooked through it & flaxmeal sprinkled on top with soy milk & a protein shake.
SNACK: a piece of fruit & nuts.
LUNCH: salmon or tuna, brown rice & salad or a sandwich made with rye or spelt bread, shaved turkey or chicken & salad.
SNACK: rice or corn cakes with hummus & tomato or light cream cheese, smoked salmon & baby spinach leaves.
DINNER: boiled chicken with garlic & herbs or kangaroo & either salad or broccoli & sweet potato.
DESERT: fruit & natural yogurt & a white or green tea before bed.


Monday: 20 – 30 mins cardio & back , chest & bis & 6 – 10 mins of abs & stretching
Tuesday: 20 – 30 mins cardio interval training & shoulders, tris, calves & stretches
Wednesday: Legs (quads, hamstring & gluts) squats – either weighted or leg tabata without weights, 10 mins abs & stretches
Thursday: 30 mins interval training, 10 mins abs & stretches.
Friday 30 mins Interval training on the bike (20 sec sprints/20 sec rest etc) abs, calves & stretches.
Saturday: Run, bike or cross trainer + any body part I feel needs more work, abs & stretches.
Sunday:  REST

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  1. I think ORB was a great way to motivate us to get to our goals - it seems like it went by so fast! I am not to my goal but like the giveaway tank says - Giving up is not an option! =) ... I think y'all should do another challenge so I can try harder and be able to post a "results" post =) Either way you and Leigh Ann are awesome for doing this - great job girls!! =)

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